Want to learn to make a mosaics of your own?
Mistlin Gallery: I will be teaching a "pique assiette" class. In French, pique assiette means "stolen dishes". So I will be showing you how to cut plates, cups and dishes to place into your own interesting and fun art pieces. All supplies and tools I will bring as well, so head over to Mistlin's Gallery's Website to learn more!

At Karen's Studio: You can bring your own treasures... special dishes, jewelry pieces, etc, and create a special piece of art to give or keep. I provide the space and materials. I can even create a special shape for a mosaic -- from a wine bottle to a unicorn! I teach in my studio either one-on-one or with a small group. Contact me to set a studio time for you or your group. It's a unique and fun experience!

Wind chimes! Everyone loves them. Would you like to make one of your own? I teach people to put it together, and add special treasures to it if you have them. Contact me to set up a studio time for you or your group

Furniture! So many pieces of unloved furniture could get a makeover! Contact me if you would like you to come and learn how!

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First ever mosaic for Alora! She did a great job!
​Alora's theme was Happy Unbirthday, which is of course from Alice in Wonderland!

First Wind chime from a tea cup.  We carefully drilled into cup and used jewelry making techniques for the strands. Student is happy!