1. New Vehicles! More mosaic cars, trucks and fun!
    14 Dec, 2018
    New Vehicles! More mosaic cars, trucks and fun!
    The months of November-December have been marked with many new pieces, especially requests by various people. I love doing interesting commissions and these have been very interesting! This was made for a wife of a fireman. Surprise gift for Christmas! 1965 Ford Mustang for a car enthusiast. A gift for a Corvette owner. A request from woman whose deceased husband was an EMT.
  2. Cars Cars Cars!
    24 Sep, 2018
    Cars Cars Cars!
    Since I live in an automobile loving area, I thought I would try my hand a making some vehicle mosaics. I started with a Jeep, which is a vehicle my husband and I loved. We did many a 4-wheeling trip!  I ordered the base from Build a Cross, which makes many reasonably priced wooden shapes.  Here's how it turned out! How fun is that? It has lots of mirror pieces (I get them from Mosaic Art Supply) and several plates.  Once it was done, I had to make another! Here is my Chevy Pick up, in classic
  3. New How To Video: How to make a concrete fairy house/tree stump plant stand
    24 Sep, 2018
    New How To Video: How to make a concrete fairy house/tree stump plant stand
    Hi! I just finished a new tutorial, when I chronicled my steps in making a concrete plant stand which looks like a stump! The stump has a fairy door and vines, leaves and flowers. This can be made by following the steps I used in the video. This is the beginning of the stump. Just a plastic flower pot with mesh and chicken wire. Then I add concrete (1 part cement and 2 parts sand) to the pot.  The video shows the steps to add windows, window frames, vines and more! The finished project looks
  4. The turtle totem! A new sculpture with 3 turtles!
    10 Aug, 2018
    The turtle totem! A new sculpture with 3 turtles!
    A new turtle sculpture! It has 3 turtles ... a whole family! Each one is hand sculpted with foam, cement, Apoxie Sculpt and mosaic pieces and agates! See it here on my youtube channel! ​
  5. King of the Cats! New Sculpture!
    10 Aug, 2018
    King of the Cats! New Sculpture!
    I recently finished several pieces for the local art gallery show at the Mistlin Gallery in Modesto. One of the sculptures I made is called King of the Cats. He is quite a handsome and regal fellow. I made a video documenting making the King, and I would love to share it with you!  Check it out here! ​
  6. The back yard ... mosaics galore!
    08 Jul, 2018
    The back yard ... mosaics galore!
    I have always loved to BBQ outdoors. In my new home, I was able to actually have an outdoor kitchen built! Dream come true! Below is the video of the mosaics I put all over the surfaces of the outdoor kitchen. They were made with dishes and china, found objects, etc, but also with a whole bunch of sample pool tiles I bought from a company. These were discontinued tiles! They are each beautiful! Together, it's spectacular! Check it out!
  7. The surfboard project... a mosaic made with plates, cups and dishes!
    02 Jun, 2018
    The surfboard project... a mosaic made with plates, cups and dishes!
    The Mistlin Gallery's new show is called Summer Splash. I made some new pieces for it, including this surfboard. It is almost entirely mosaiced with dishes and glass bowls.  I want to show you how it looks, and here is the video! Hope you enjoy!
  8. Turtles! Gotta Make then!
    02 Jun, 2018
    Turtles! Gotta Make then!
    It's been a sculpture time for me! I first started with a single turtle, made from cast concrete, and covered with buttons, tiles and coated with resin.  Next I tried a sculpture using a base of styrofoam. The legs were foam as well. It is interesting to use foam carving tools, and then putting it all together. Covered with concrete, then mosaiced. I have a link to the My second attempt was even more fun than the first one... a totem! Again, the video highlights the second turtle as well.  It
  9. Busy week! New pieces to show you!
    13 May, 2018
    Busy week! New pieces to show you!
    What a busy time! That's the way I like it... as the song goes. Just a quick blog note to show you what's been happening in the studio lately! Here goes! The tortoise totem ... I already made a tortoise but there was more to be done on the subject. How about a lady tortoise, with an entourage? Here they are! How fun is that... but wait there's more... 2 dragonflies....  What else...ah, yes... Under construction. Lots! Here's an example. I found this piece of driftwood in Tahoe recently. It
  10. Mistlin Gallery TriDimential Art Show
    30 Apr, 2018
    Mistlin Gallery TriDimential Art Show
    I am pleased to announce that 4 of my pieces will be part of a gallery show at the Mistlin Gallery in Modesto, CA! The dates for the exhibit will be May 1-June 1, 2018. The address is 1015 J Street, Modesto. ​This is so exciting! My first gallery show.
  11. New turtle mosaic sculpture
    26 Apr, 2018
    New turtle mosaic sculpture
    I am always trying to stretch my skills and learn new techniques. I continue to take classes, meet new people and have fun while learning. This turtle is a result of several online classes I am taking because I really want to make more larger outdoor pieces. Thanks to both Katherine England and Sharra Frank who inspired me to make this mosaic turtle.
  12. Glass on glass workshop in Tahoe, CA
    24 Apr, 2018
    Glass on glass workshop in Tahoe, CA
    I was able to attend a glass on glass mosaic workshop in nearby Tahoe, CA. It was a mosaic form I wanted to learn more about. I met Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaics and the attendees and I had a great time. The view from the workshop location was spectacular... Tahoe is such a beautiful place.  This was our view from the workshop... outside, the lake and beautiful scenery.  The workshop was entitled, Waves and Sunsets, and each of us made a unique piece, and used Kory's techniques. If you can
  13. The green table makeover .... see it on YouTube!
    24 Apr, 2018
    The green table makeover .... see it on YouTube!
    I bought a lovely table at Home Decor and More. One of the vendors gave me a good discount and I knew I could make it look great. I chronicled the makeover and all the steps I took. If you are interested in what it took to do this, take a look at the YouTube video on my channel.   ​ This piece is going to Vintage at the Yard on May 19, 2018.  I can teach you how to make this if you want to come for a furniture makeover workshop! Contact me for more information!
  14. Peacock Mosaic - revisited...
    24 Apr, 2018
    Peacock Mosaic - revisited...
    In March, I flew to Ajijic, Mexico, to attend a mosaic workshop featuring Martin Cheek! He is one of my favorite artists. My choice was to fly back east during winter weather (ugh) or attend at a sunny Mexico location... ummm, no choice! Mexico it is!  I stayed a couple extra days and had a really nice AirBnb casita which is sort of an inlaw suite behind the owners house. It was perfect.  I was able to enjoy a tour with Martin as well, after the workshop. We went to Tequila, Mexico and visited
  15. New videos to share!
    10 Apr, 2018
    New videos to share!
    Exciting news! I have some new videos to share! Both are about my animal creations. One is a step by step of making my sheep button mosaic.  ​ The other is on YouTube as well, and it is entitled New Critters. Both are fun and hope you enjoy!
  16. the barnyard series
    06 Apr, 2018
    the barnyard series
    It's been a fun couple of weeks. Lots of new mosaics made. I bought several wooden shapes --- a cow, pig, sheep and a wooden plaque with a horse on it.  The pig is about 5 inches long and the cow is about 8 inches. Neither had a head shape that would work well for me, so I bulked them up with air dry clay. Then each received a button treatment and were mounted on a mosaiced board. How fun are they?
  17. My workshop in Mexico... my beautiful peacock
    06 Apr, 2018
    My workshop in Mexico... my beautiful peacock
    I recently attended a mosaic workshop in Ajijic, Mexico. The artist giving the workshop was Martin Cheek who is noted as the first mosaic artist to use fused glass pieces in his art. I had been very taken with Martin's work and have 2 of his books. His whimsical images resonates with me.  I jumped at the chance to meet him and work on a mosaic. Here is my peacock, made using Martin's glass fusions. I invited Martin to come to California and give a workshop at my home/studio next year. We have
  18. Furniture fun continues!
    06 Apr, 2018
    Furniture fun continues!
    Hello sad and neglected little night stand! Let's bring you back to life! Before and after!
  19. Bunnies!
    12 Mar, 2018
    I found this bunny shape, and it had to be rendered in buttons, pearls and white tiles. Holding a jewelry broach butterfly. This piece is currently for sale at Home Decor and More. I found this ceramic piece with 4 bunnies walking and holding paws. I thought they would be so cute in a new mosaic. I love how they turned out!



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